Management Coaching Training – Formula 10™:

“Being a manager isn’t good enough, I need to learn to be a coach.”  F&B Manager

Managers and supervisors are responsible for more than the successful operation of their department. They also have the important responsibility of progressive development of their associates’ hospitality skills and facilitating their career advancement. Formula 10™ is the ultimate coaching skills training. With it, your supervisors and managers learn necessary skills and effective communication, accountability and recognition techniques. It’s team building at its best – its team building with a purpose!

“I received all the tools to be a good leader for my department.  It is the push to meet goals and also get together on the same page as a team.” Housekeeping Manager, Palms Casino Resort, LV

Communication, Accountability & Recognition

Learning to drive the Formula 10™ C.A.R. is the most transformative and exciting training you have ever experienced! Our comfortable environment and progressive coaching style means maximum learning for your team members to take the driver’s seat! The unique tools of Formula 10™ assure users that the learned communication, accountability and recognition techniques are sustained indefinitely!

 Employee Service & Problem Resolution Training: Pick Up The PACE™

Join the thousands of hoteliers who are Picking Up The Pace™, the ”Holy Grail” of stand-alone customer service program or the ultimate compliment to brand training!    

Make every guest interaction picture perfect!
Professionalism! Coach your team to speak the Language of Hospitality™ & have superior problem resolution skills.
Accuracy!  Lower “Experienced Problem” Ratings.
Consistency! Every Team Member. Every Shift. Every Day. Every Guest Experience!
Efficiency! Never keep them waiting & keep them coming back!

Pick Up The PACE™ delivers on all counts!

1.  Inclusive of All Employees.

2.   Easy to Implement.

3.  Ties All Service Elements Together.

4.  Cost Effective.

“As a Director of Training for 12 years, I’ve seen almost every training program out there. Unfortunately, most are big on promises, difficult to implement, not sustainable or disappointing on delivery and are not cost effective. Cheer up! You’ve found the “Holy Grail” of training programs.”     J. Maneke.

Hotel & Restaurant Safety Products, Services, and Solutions

Bed Bugs

Housekeeping PM Touch System™:

Prevent issues and mitigate your property’s liability should an issue occur with proper self-inspections, documentation, and training.  Exclusive feature of the Touch System™ is the Bed Bug self-inspection, with content by the experts at ORKIN. This allows for the most efficient way for housekeeping staff to track their inspections in order to reduce the likelihood of infestation problems and limit liability in the event of an issue.

An affordable and easy to use total quality management tool that was developed by hospitality industry professionals and that is used by hotels internationally to reduce labor costs, increase property cleanliness, and provide their guests with an improved and more consistent experience.

A web-based mobile system for use on any device – smartphone, tablet and desktop computer.  It replaces manual paper tracking systems and allows housekeeping and maintenance staff the ability to more effectively keep track of the level of cleanliness and preventative maintenance via daily room inspections, deep clean and PM programs.  It even schedules automatic alerts for future tasks that will require their attention.

It also gives management the ability to track the quality and consistency of the work performed at their properties via on-line performance scorecards and specialty reports and then better reward and train their staff, as needed.

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